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Cleo’s Treasure Hunt

In the story of “Cleo’s Treasure Hunt” you will meet the courageous characters of Cleo the Cat, and her friend, Pogo the Dog, as they embark on an exciting adventure to find a real treasure. Cleo and Pogo leave behind the comforts of home in search of Pebble Island and […]

Cleo in the Castle

Cleo the Cat hides the treasure chest flag in the perfect spot inside the castle. But their game gets interrupted when some unexpected circumstances out on the sea calls for some quick rescue action. The two friends have to use every bit of will power and imagination. Pogo the Dog […]

Joey Visits Grandpa

Joey loves visiting Grandpa and they have loads of fun, like feeding the fish in Grandpa’s big fish tank and going shopping at the grocery store. But there is one small problem – Grandpa can never find his glasses when he needs them. Well, Joey ends up finding them in […]

Making Cookies with Grandma

It’s a fun time at Grandma’s, especially when Joey gets to help make cookies. But, wait a minute. Some things are going missing. Well, Joey and Grandma team up and solve a very puzzling situation. By the end of the story there couldn’t be a happier pair. They lovingly set […]

Post – The Real Treasure

In Cleo’s Treasure Hunt, two friends, Cleo the Cat, and Pogo the Dog, set out to find a real treasure in a long and windy cave. And in the end discover joy, fun, and friendship when Cleo the Cat invents her notorious and adventurous treasure hunt game. Cleo the Cat, […]