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Joey Visits Grandpa

Joey loves visiting Grandpa and they have loads of fun, like feeding the fish in Grandpa’s big fish tank and going shopping at the grocery store. But there is one small problem – Grandpa can never find his glasses when he needs them. Well, Joey ends up finding them in the most bizarre places. Help Joey find Grandpa’s glasses on each page and discover how Joey solves Grandpa’s problem for a happy and thankful Grandpa.

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Avah Broc

Avah Broc lives in British Columbia in the West Kootenays with her husband and has a Master of Education. Broc writes medieval fantasy novels for young adults with themes of love, hope and destiny. She also publishes children's adventure and family books under the pen name Valy Larson. Her children's stories are about adventure and loving family relationships. One of her favorite things is sitting at the table with her family and eating pancakes with lots of scrumptious toppings.

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