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Post – The Real Treasure

In Cleo’s Treasure Hunt, two friends, Cleo the Cat, and Pogo the Dog, set out to find a real treasure in a long and windy cave. And in the end discover joy, fun, and friendship when Cleo the Cat invents her notorious and adventurous treasure hunt game.

Cleo the Cat, who is often overly confident, gets her and Pogo the Dog into trouble. But through her cleverness and Pogo’s natural doggy talents they always manage to find a way out of their troubles, especially when Wool and Bell the Rabbits come to their rescue.

The Cleo the Cat series is about friendship, determination, courage, and believing in oneself. Often Pogo the Dog is not quit sure whether he has the ability to do something, but Cleo the Cat encourages Pogo and he finds new courage and discovers that he is more capable than what he thought. Believe in your dreams and you will accomplish them!

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Avah Broc

Avah Broc lives in British Columbia in the West Kootenays with her husband and has a Master of Education. Broc writes medieval fantasy novels for young adults with themes of love, hope and destiny. She also publishes children's adventure and family books under the pen name Valy Larson. Her children's stories are about adventure and loving family relationships. One of her favorite things is sitting at the table with her family and eating pancakes with lots of scrumptious toppings.

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